Recent Landscaping Makeover in The Villages Florida by Brandon Suris Landscaping LLC. This job was a complete Landscaping Makeover in the Village of Hillsborough. Some of the original plantings from the builder were repurposed and a complete new design was created and built by Brandon and his team.

Brandon met with the homeowners to discuss their overall goals and ideas and immediately developed a plan in his head for a custom and unique Landscaping makeover that would meet and exceed the homeowners expectations.

An estimate of materials and costs were developed at the first meeting and the work scheduled to be completed. The work started on time and was completed in 3 days.

This job included:

  • 2 types of rock – Carolina Creek River Rock and Copper Rock
  • Sylvester Palms and Robellini Palms
  • Walls and Caps 
  • Column Walls
  • French Drains
  • Lighting System
  • Lot of colorful Plantings: Hawaiian Ti, Bird of Paradise, Bougainvillea, Agapanthus, Blue My Mind, Celosia, Croton

View some of the before and after pictures here: (click on image to open gallery)


Brandon’s Landscaping loves providing landscaping to “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown” – The Villages Florida. 
We will provide your service with no money up front and are fully licensed and insured.  We are here to serve you.  You will be personally involved in every aspect of your landscaping from picking your own material to the finished product, allowing you to incorporate your personality and making every job beautifully different.

The design Brandon will create for you will be a vision in his head from the moment he steps in your yard.  Truly involved and inspired by every job he has done, this is what makes him a true artist.  What he does, he doesn’t consider landscaping; he considers it his art form.  But, of course, your vision is equally as important to him as his own.  Together, you and he could and will create something beautiful.   You name it, we do it.  And that’s no joke!

We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our work and consider giving us a call. 

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